Integrated Management Systems Policy

In order to protect the reliable and respectable identity of the customers in the production sector, low voltage energy cable that our company serves, to increase its preference, to be able to produce quality and safe products and to be a leading company in this sector;

  • To fully understand our customers' expectations and requirements, to fully meet the requirements specified in the applicable technical specifications and cable standards to meet these needs and expectations,Developing a corporate culture that will bring everyone under same vision, mission and strategy in the organisation,
  • To deliver the products and services we provide to our customers in a timely and complete manner,
  • To follow the technological innovations continuously and to provide high quality cables and services with high technology to our customers with our new project designs,
  • To pursue a competitive policy that delivers quality products at the required time and without disruption to after-sales support at an affordable cost aimed at sustaining customer satisfaction,
  • To keep honesty, mutual trust and cooperation in all our relationships, including our customers and suppliers,
  • To implemente a management model that includes all our employees' full perception of our quality policy and continuous review of conformity,
  • To create and monitor targets at each level and function,
  • To create a positive corporate culture within the employees' willingness, working with high motivation, understanding of participant, team spirit and team work,
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment for the persons working on behalf of the organization,
  • To provide human resources, technology and financial resources necessary to reduce our environmental impacts and to use energy efficiently,
  • To comply with the purpose and content of the organization, including the nature, scale and environmental impact of its activities, products and services,
  • To prevent pollution and to fulfill the commitments related to the content of the foundation,
  • To make an undertaking to fulfill compliance obligations,
  • To ensure continuous improvement of management systems and processes,
  • To apply the requirements by constantly monitoring legal and regulatory requirements,

            constitutes the basic principles of Quality and Environment understanding.

In accordance with these principles, in the light of national and international standards and legislation, we continually improve the quality management system and the effectiveness of the environmental management system by keeping our quality at the highest level.                             



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